Moriah residents approve $14.9 million school capital project plan

Vote tally 168-21 sets course for school security updates, floor renovation, new track field and garage repairs.

MORIAH | On Tuesday, residents of Moriah Central School District approved the school’s proposed $14.9 million slate of capital repair and building projects.

Superintendent William Larrow said the official ballot count was 168 in support and 21 against.

“We’re very, very happy as a district to be able to perform some much-needed work to our school buildings and property. We would like to thank everyone who came out to vote tonight and to staff and community members in the Project Committee who were a huge part of the planning process for this project.”

Aspects of the wide-ranging school renovation and repair plan have been in review for over a year.

School security improvements are a major component of the project, Larrow said.

“The safety part is the most important part of this project, and our goal is to make a safer environment for our staff and students.”

School security updates will add entry vestibules at the school entrance and lock-down openings in several main corridors and secure the cafeteria with hardened openings at entry points. Improvements to security in elementary school classrooms include installing window glass and added lighting.

Health and safety renovations include floor replacement with asbestos abatement; plumbing, drainage, and sanitary system repairs; replacement of the bus loop canopy; athletic field drainage work and the addition of a track and field course with a soccer field in its center.

Work to be done in the bus garage includes updates to plumbing fixtures; the addition of emergency/exit lights; addition of a wash bay with public water and sanitary upgrades; review of the existing below-grade fuel storage and extension of port collars; and upgrades for accessibility for disabled persons.

Construction likely won’t start until spring 2021, Larrow said, as the project has to go through State Education Department review for approval.

Moriah receives 95.3 percent Building Aid from State Ed, which means that, of the proposed $14,960,000 project, the local share is 4.7 percent, or $703,120.

The total cost for bus garage repairs is $1,041,601.

The total cost for work at the main building is $9,992,453.

And the total cost for work at the main campus site, including the track field and parking lot improvements, is $3,924,223.

The project is not expected to impact the school tax rate, as the local share would be moved in a bond payment, essentially maintaining current spending levels.

“There’s still a lot of work we have to do,” Larrow said.

“The whole project is going to be great for the community.”


Article from Sun Community News (source) by Kim Dedam